v18 Anyway to preload mediainfo information?
When you select a movie for the first time, Kodi extracts the mediainfo information from it. This causes a lot of random disc spin-ups when browsing my large collection.

Is there anyway to preload mediainfo information, basically just scan all files in library at once and get the mediainfo information?
(2019-10-11, 01:35)Argonis Wrote: Is there anyway to preload mediainfo information
These wiki's might help Caches explained (wiki) and HOW-TO:Modify the video cache (wiki) but in general after the media has been scraped, the meta-data resides in the library and thumbnail collection and shouldn't require direct disk folder access (this allows for your sources to be off-line and the listing to appear). There is a slight delay when dealing with images to be resized, or the local cache has been modified by many new listings and has to be rebuilt. The whole set-up would be very slow if all the meta-data was fetched on-demand from drive sources (spin up etc). Kodi maintains cache file segments in memory and rebuilds on the fly, dumping old listings and pulling in new ones but their is a slight disconnect at times. Best practice would be to have your library available using an SSD or even a ram drive.

Regular use of Video Database Cleaner helps a bunch (https://github.com/the-black-eagle/scrip...se.cleaner) and (https://github.com/MilhouseVH/texturecache.py) might organize the cache better.

It appears Artwork Beef does allow pre-loading local video artwork, but I have yet to investigate it's operation.
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