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PulseEight CEC and LG WebOS remote
I've recently switched my old samsung HD to a new LG 4K TV (with WebOS), model: 55UK6300.
I am using PulseEight CEC adapter from its early days (bought at pre-order).

My previous samsung TV has the following remote control:
The problem with this remote was that eg. the volume keys was not "forwarded" to the CEC. It was bound to TV only. I just remapped the "Channel +/-" as a volume control.
As this was the old model I hoped that the CEC situation is now better with modern TVs. I just looked at the kodi and pulseeight sites and LG is supported.

Finally I connected my new LG TV to Kodi and only the red-marked buttons are working:
Edit: the "stop" button should also be marked.

I was also trying to debug the problem with cec-client and pushing the buttons.
And I have the same problem - no reaction when pushing eg.: digits, volume buttons, only the marked ones are "passed" to the CEC.

Is this a known LG problem? Do you guys also have such problems with this brand?

Who to blame? I assume the WebOS in LG, right?
This is ridiculous that it is not passing at least digits and volume control to the CEC!!!  No

ps. Is there some alternative firmware for this tv? I don't even need all this "smart" stuff. I only want kodi via HDMI and CEC normally working!
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PulseEight CEC and LG WebOS remote00