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Resume Points for .STRM files?
Hi, just wondering if there's a way to make Kodi recognize resume points for .strm files, like ones exported from the Google Drive add-on, so that they're recognized by skin helper service widget? The watched and resume points data appears to be working if I navigate to a TV show's episode lists, but it doesn't register for the "continue watching" widget. Anyone aware of this issue / know a fix? I've checked github (here) and I'm not the only one having problems with it.
.strm files are just shortcuts to your media. Similar to how playlist files work. The Netflix Addon has some work around in the settings where it probably save the resume time in the link inside the .strm file. But that time is passed to the addon, via the link, which looks for the resume time before playing a file. So it would work in addons where the resume time is saved for that media inside the addon, but if the addon is not expecting the resume time for playback then it will just play the media from the beginning.
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