I am gonna share with you guys my take on the whole media server subject. We usualy get a lot of marketing information on the matter but nothing that really translates to simple usage and real life scenarios. For example, a lot of my friends have a NAS server with raid, but they don't ever use the apps on it and end up firing their windows because they have to use this one app that the job requires or that is not available anywhere else.

I wanted a compact box that could do all of the following : HTPC / KODI / STREAMING / NAS / CONSOLE EMULATION / FILE SERVER

The only enclosure I could find was the Silverstone PS16. It's the only one that is compact enough and has the place for 4 internal hard drives. 3 in the 3.5 bays and one in the 5.25 bays. You can use all 4 HDD slots and still use a full lenght graphic card for the emulation purpouses.
I bought 4 x 16 TB hard drives. And I installed them in an enclosure
Mini ITX motherboard, the ASROCK one because it is the only one that has 4 SATA ports on the side and not in the middle below the cooler.

The drives are settup without any raid. JOBD. each one is mirrored to the one below it at a fixed time. And the file changes are kept in a history folder. Raid is only for uptime, and I don't need uptime in my house. The server can go down for an hour or at night.

I bought the i25 rii remote so that i can control the pc from the couch. It has integrated keyboard.

For serious work, I connect to the PC from any other and work as if I'm on it.

The pc is connected to the television for games and movies.

i have 4 Xbox controllers hooked to it wirelessly using the microsoft adapter and play all type of emulation games on it.

it serves media and files and I can change the software whenever i feel like it and i am not tied to a specific vendor like synology.

The file system is the same all over my computers and I don't have to learn linux or change between two different file systems.

Kodi is very flexible and I don't have any frame issues...

If anyone care to comment, I would love to hear your feedback
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