Smart playlist: No 'Date added' rule for Mixed type
Is there any technical or logical reason why there is no 'Date added' rule in Mixed type mode of a smart playlist? The rule is only available if I chose a specific type (like Movies or TV Shows).

Using latest Matrix nightly.
Probably because 'mixed' can contain music albums/songs and/or music videos and there is no 'date added' field for albums or songs.
Is it somehow possible to have movies and TV Shows in kind of a mixed mode? I don‘t want to have separate smart playlists for both. Those do have the ‚Date added‘ field...
I think you'd need to use 3 lists.  One with movies, one with TV shows and one to combine the two into one list.  I've not tested that but I think that would work.
Unfortunately does not work. Looks like it is only possible to combine playlists of the same type.
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Smart playlist: No 'Date added' rule for Mixed type00