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I'm working up a list of playlist items that can be scrolled forward and backward using static content in a list/fixedlist.   What I'd like to be able to do is set the focus of the list to the currently playing item.  I've tried
but it seems to count from the first visible item in the list, rather than the first item.
The static list is set up like this
                <item id="1">
and so on thru offset(10)
So I know for certain what the currently playing item is (11, in this case).

Is there some nuance to the absolute position that I am missing?
Do you have a parent folder item?
I think the answer to your question is no.

I’m playing songs selected from a dynamic list generated by using musicdb://albums/ or similar and onclick playmedia(..) to play.
I figured out a way to get what I wanted.  A little bit of brute force with setfocus and the status of the list

<onclick condition="MusicPlayer.offset(0).Exists">SetFocus(9900,0,absolute)</onclick>
<onclick condition="MusicPlayer.offset(-1).Exists">SetFocus(9900,1,absolute)</onclick>

and so on to the last list item that may not exist. 
<onclick condition="MusicPlayer.offset(-10).Exists">SetFocus(9900,10,absolute)</onclick>
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