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New to here - I need 3D help
Hello Community,
New here, and hope I am posting in the right area. I am using version 18.4 Leia. I have my movies on a Synology DS418. I have around 700 normal 2D movies, and a bit over 100 3D movies. Some are Side by Side, and others are Over/Under. My TV is an Sony XBR65X900C 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV (2015 Model). I used to use another network drive, and could use the sony remote to manually switch the TV into 3D Over/Under or Side/Side view. I did not use Kodi back then. It worked fine. I love Kodi interface, but cannot use my Sony remote to switch the TV to manually to 3D now. Anyone, can you explain an idiot proof method (cause I'm kind of an Idiot haha =) to tell Kodi to go into 3D mode. I am kind of Desperate. I haven't watched a 3D movie in over a year, but I love love love the Kodi interface, and really want to keep using it. Thanks to everyone in the COmmunity for any help you can provide. Oh, I cast my movies over my home WiFi network. I guess that is all.

Ham C
(2019-10-17, 09:07)HamChannell Wrote: Oh, I cast my movies over my home WiFi network.
If that works for you, that's fine. Usually wifi is the weakest link in the file transport chain. Using a network cable will make the experience a bit more snappier.

I take it you installed Kodi directly onto your TV. If not, please specify any other hardware.
Kodi should 'see' by default if a movie is in 3D or not. But you can perhaps trigger it also by using the '3D' suffix in the video filenames.
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