Choosing the correct output type in wind sensor module
I am ordering a wind speed sensor from china. (
It has 6 output types.
1) pulse output
2) 4-20ma 3 cable
3) 0-10V 4 Cable
4) 0-2V 3 cable
5) 0-5V output
6) RS485 output

I need help in deciding which output format should i choose. They have provided speed calculation formula for pulse and 0-10volt output types only as shown below:
Quote:Pulse output type calculation:

Winds = the number of pulses within a unit time X factor;

The formula: a unit time refers 1S;

Model suffix 12CM, the coefficient is 0.1 (1m / s = 10 pulses)


0-10V type calculation:

about the 0-10V .you must use DC24V power supply. red :power + ; black :power - . blue : 0-10V output
1v voltage =3m/s wind speed 2V voltage :6m/s wind speed 3V voltage =9m/s wind speed the max is 30m/s wind speed
Among these output types, is there something like one output type is better than other in terms of connection, accuracy etc ?
Do i need any additional driver/hat to decode these outputs in PI or I can connect directly like the RS485 output ?
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Why does this have anything to do with Kodi?
Sorry, I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I did not realize what kodi was, I thought it was independent forum.
Thread moved to off topic, just in case anyone does have knowledge or experience which may help.

But generally this would be better asked on the Pi Foundation Forums, in the projects sub-section.
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Choosing the correct output type in wind sensor module00