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Clearart/Clearlogo on Information page?
it may be worth reading Variables.xml

<control type="group">
            <control type="image">
                            <texture >$INFO[ListItem.Art(clearlogo)]</texture>
                            <aspectratio aligny="center">scale</aspectratio>
                        <control type="label">
                            <label>[COLOR gold]$VAR[PlaylistLabelVar][/COLOR]</label>
                      <visible>!String.IsEmpty(Player.Art(tvshow.clearlogo))</visible>is used to show text if there is no image
Still can't get it to work. Sad
I really should stick to what I'm good at and just be grateful that I've managed to get Kodi to do as much as it does. Smile
Thanks all for your help.
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Clearart/Clearlogo on Information page?00