Generate NFO with video file extension
Hi. I would like to know if it's possible to, when generating the nfo file, keep the source video extension. Something like:

This particular syntax is needed because I'm using the google drive addon to export strm files for some videos I have hosted on my cloud (strm files are like shortcuts to the actual video that Kodi will see as a mkv/mp4/etc). The strm files will export with the extension as well (Joker.mkv.strm). In order to make resume points and watched progress work, Kodi will need that file extension to match both strm files and the hosted files.

As for EMM, I'm using it in 2 steps in 2 different profiles.
First I clean/rename the original video filename and generate the nfo. It's better to generate the nfo for the original file to get codec,res,etc. info, it will not be possible to fetch that information from the strm files. (I'm using Google's Drive File Stream to mount a virtual drive of my google drive, I can work directly with the files that way and use them in EMM to get that information)
Then, in Kodi I use the add-on to export the strm files into a local folder.
When the export is completed I open EMM with another profile set up to download images to that folder where the strm files are.
And lastly I just move the nfo's from the cloud into the corresponding strm folder.

I like the control EMM gives me and this process isn't exactly too bothersome to me, however being able to rename the nfo files is the last piece of the puzzle I need to figure out in order to make it all work in a semi-automated way.

Thanks in advance, hopefully i was clear enough to expose my case.
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