NFO and Images name with movie extension
Hi! Is there a way that, when creating the movie NFO and images, their respective names be the name of the movie file plus the extension?
I need this particular syntax because I'm using .strm files from Google Drive addon. Since the addon creates the files with the extension added to the filename, the extension is required to make resume points work, otherwise the filenames won't match in Kodi and the progress is reset when loading. I then move the files created by TMM into the local folder where I export the strm files. Something like:

Cloud folder with video file:
Joker (2019).mkv
Joker (2019).mkv.nfo
Joker (2019).mkv-poster.jpg

Local folder with exported strm file:
Joker (2019).mkv.strm
Joker (2019).mkv.nfo
Joker (2019).mkv-poster.jpg
No, fix your cloudfolder, since this is already named wrong!
And this leads to problems you described...

Scroll down to graphics...
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Wanna help translate TMM ?
I have no problem with graphics, the images work as expected, even including the file extension.

This syntax is a peculiarity of the Google Drive addon and how it exports the video files into .strm, if the filenames match with the .strm file it works.

Basically I just needed to save the images/nfo with the video's filename+extension. I'll just use Advanced Renamer to add it then.

Thanks for the support anyway
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