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Req Renamer moving subtitles
Firstly, thank you to the devs for this app. Very easy to use and no stability issues so far. 

My setup - The subtitles for my movies are in a folder named "subtitles" within each movie folder. 

My issue - When I use the renamer feature in TMM, the subtitles are renamed and moved from the subtitles folder into the main movie folder. My preference is to have the subtitles remain in the subtitles folder.

I was not able to find a config/setting to enable this. If there is a specific reason why tmm prefers to force move to the main folder, let me know so i know if i should consider switching. 

tmm respects the default of kodi for subtitles (https://kodi.wiki/view/Subtitles#Manuall...itle_files). this has also the benefit that it works in multi movie folders (where a dedicated subtitle folder does not work).
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thanks mlaggner

I am not sure I understand exactly why it would not work with a multi movie folder but I respect the decision.

Again, appreciate the work you do. Kudos!
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