How to update langinfo.xml?

I want to fix settings in the "langinfo.xml" file of the German language addon, for example to explicitely set the thousands separator to "." (instead of the "," default) which is used in German (at least in Germany's German). This setting is used e.g. when displaying codec details like the video resolution or the audio sample rate.

Changing the related setting in my local addon copy works, but I would like to have this fixed upstream, too, and therefore to open a merge request for this. However the "xbmc/translations" repo on GitHub only contains the strings.po files and I cannot find any further information regarding the corresponding "langinfo.xml" files. So where are these files located and how are the language add-ons being built?
Translations for Kodi main and certain skins/addons are done via .
Can you give an example / screenshot of the thousands separator in action?
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When you play a video and press the "o" key to show the codec information, the difference can be seen (video width and audio sample rate):



Note that in the screenshot only the thousands separator changed, but not the decimal seperator. The reason is that the code here uses StringUtils::Format which invokes libfmt. However libfmt only quite recently added support for a locale dependent decimal separator [1] [2] [3]. Furthermore kodi had to use "n" instead of "f" in the format string and to provide the to-be-applied locale. So the decimal separator aspect is another story.

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How to update langinfo.xml?0
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