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MediaCenterRemote - Screenshot function
Been busy trying to customize my new remote. Here's the plan:
red button - codec info
green button - screenshot
yellow button - Favorites
Blue Button - Bookmark Menu, had to settle for Create Bookmark

(this box will never have a PVR)

Red, yel, and blue work.

For now I want to solve the (green button) screenshot issue. My screenshots are all black. They are being saved to a flash drive. The only time they are not all black is when there is a video overlay, such as subtitles. If there are subtitles only the subtitles show, no background picture. If the codec overlay is up when taking a screen shot, you see just the codec overlay and no background picture.
Another odd thing. It only seems to work in the fullscreen context, not in the global context where you would want it.

my .conf is for this exact remote and was downloaded from:

the lircmap file is really for the Xbox One Media Remote and was snagged from:

my changes have been to the remote.xml file.

ROCK960 4GB/32GB box
kodi 18.4

The commented stuff is stuff I have tried or stuff I want to try.
#            <yellow>ActivateWindow(Favourites)</yellow>
# works        <red>ActivateWindow(SystemInfo)</red>
#            <green>ActivateWindow(Screenshot)</green>
#            <print>Screenshot</print>

#            SetRating
#            Playlist
        <pageplus>ActivateWindow(SystemInfo,Hardware)                    </pageplus>
#  <VideoBookmarks>
#    <remote>
#      <menu>Back</menu>
#      <contentsmenu>Back</contentsmenu>
#      <rootmenu>Back</rootmenu>
#      <start>Back</start>
#      <zero>Delete</zero>
#    </remote>
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