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nvidia shield - switching audio outputs

currently i use an htpc (win10) but i want to switch to a shield + raspberry pi 4 (tvheadend server) in the future.

for tv/video i currently use the tv-speaker for audio output (tv is connected via hdmi with htpc). for music playback i use stereo speaker, which are connected to the soundcard of the htpc via an amplifier. via a button on my remote i can switch the audio devices in kodi, means switch between tv-speaker and stereo system.

after everything i have read on the internet so far, this is not possible with a shield. although the shield has two audio outputs (hdmi + usb audio), they are not recognized as two different audio devices by kodi.

i have two questions:

1. is my information correct, isn't it really possible in kodi to change the audio outputs (using a remote control)?

2. in the development settings of the shield, there should be the option "disable USB audio routing", which can be used to switch between usb/hdmi audio system-wide. is there a way to automate this process and to assign it to a key on the remote control?

thanks for your help!
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