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Customising Kodi for Android TV app, RPi and Android TV Box
Hello all,
I am new to Kodi development and I am not sure where to start.

I want to customise Kodi and use it to stream videos, mostly from YouTube and to track user's viewing behaviour.

  • Modify the overall look and feel, skin, restrict functionalities to prevent misuse (similar to Kiosk mode with more restrictions)
  • Locale localisation (Traditional Chinese)
  • Fetch video content mostly from YouTube (Based on the official YouTube add-on), create a number of video add-ons with different YouTube users / channels / playlists
  • Adding subtitle for third party videos from YouTube (can possibly achieved by using Amara)
Target Platform:
  • Android TV App, available to download from Google Play Store
  • Android TV OS + Kodi (possibly based on good work of LibreELEC)
  • RPi, straight on with LibreELEC
I have made some progress on fetching YouTube video in a specific way based on this add-on.

  1. Any recently updated materials to read / watch for Kodi development in general (I find the wiki a bit outdated here and there sorry)
  2. What is the best practice in setting up a development toolchain / environment for above requirements (I use a Mac with Kodi installed, debug logging mode enabled, using Console.app to read Kodi.log and VS Code to edit the .xml files at the moment, any more tools recommended?)
  3. Together with question 2, I don't even know where to start when I finish the development / customisation when I want to test it across other platforms. Do I just copy all files (add-ons / .xml etc) across to another platform?
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Customising Kodi for Android TV app, RPi and Android TV Box00