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Making a custom Video Library?
Hello everyone. It's been some time since i've been here, but after some Plex, Emby, Jellyfin detours, i'm finally back with Kodi.

And after some nice and easy weeks where everything was fine, i got bored and wanted to do something "new".
So here i am trying to make a custom Youtube Library. So far, i'm using a github project to automatically download and sort my subscriptions. It downloads them all, puts them in Folders per Channel, adds the thumbnails and there we go.
Now, how do i get that to display halfway decently in Kodi? My initial idea was to just use that folder as a "Series" source with local Metadata only. This works, somewhat. I can browse the channels, thumbnails work but there is basically no other Metadata. So, things like "Recently Added" or sort by date plain don't work.

So, in an ideal world, i'd like to have a library that works similar to Series, let's me Browse by Folder, like it does now, but also has a "All Episodes" View that can be sorted by date.
That way i'd have my channel view for when i want something specific and can just list all Videos sorted by date if i just want to catch up with the latest videos.

I'm not sure if the exact handling of how to display the Library entrys is skin dependent. I'm currently using Aura, but i'm flexible in that regard.
A nice bonux would be to have an option for square Posters, as most Channel Icons are square.

I'm willing to take any input on how to solve this "Problem". If you need more info, i'm happy to provide what ever you need.
You need to create NFO files for your videos. Then it will behave the same as any other library.
There was an addon that did just that.  But it I think is orphaned or unsupported.  The basic function of the addon was to create a tv show for a youtube channel or playlist and all the videos would add as episodes.  There was also an option that would create the nfo files and add them to the library.  The actual play of the video was via primarily the youtube addon.

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
(2019-10-23, 21:42)MrTarantula Wrote: You need to create NFO files for your videos. Then it will behave the same as any other library.
Oh great. I guess i can script that. Let youtube-dl put all the needed information in the filename and then move that to an NFO File in step two.
I'll give that a try when i'm home later. Thanks for the information.

Oh, would it be "better" in that case to have a Folder per Episode, or can all the Episodes with their NFO Files just live in one Folder per Channel?
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