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media manager with "offline" access and/or html export
Is there a media manager (or a workaround) that will allow you to operate on your collection (correcting things, downloading info) when the media itself is offline?  The context:  I've got a large collection that I need to scrape/tag.  The output of this process will be twofold:  1) export of the info/art to Kodi, and 2) creating an html catalogue that I can serve to other people for browsing.  The problem is that I'm not going to be physically near my media server during the time that I've got to get all this done.  So I'd like to scan my library locally, then deal with correcting metadata, art, etc. from a remote location.

The first thing I tried was MediaElch, using sshfs to remotely mount my server over the internet.  This worked, but was predictably not very fast - refreshing the library, downloading & saving art, etc. was slow over the remote link. 

Then there's the issue of export:  since I have two export targets (kodi, html), I figured I'd use the exported .nfo files and downloaded art to feed both targets.  Unfortunately, it seems like MediaElch wanted to immediately save these items to the media directories when I hit Save.  Ideally, I'd be able to export them locally into a duplicate file structure (without the actual media files), so that I could work on generating html pages.  Then I'd copy the nfo's, art, and html pages back to the media server once I'm local again.

I'm open to whatever workflow is the least painful, not tied to anything in particular, other than my output targets.  (I searched for a long time trying to find a media manager or plugin that would generate the html directly, but only found abandoned projects and plugins that generated un-pretty output.  I figure I'll use one of the latter to create a template, clean it up by hand, and then roll my own scripts for populating the pages from nfo/art files.)
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media manager with "offline" access and/or html export00