v18 Re-organization of my music sources - best practice?
Hi there, I want to re-organize my music sources and need a little help with it.

My current situation:
I've got 2 main sources:
  • Music
  • Audio books

For to not mix them up, I've got 2 profiles setup in kodi and use 2 separate DBs (MariaDB). All fine, but needs profile switching.

Together with that, my Music source is added as only one source, although I've got my music pre-sorted in major genres on my hard drive (like /mp3/blues, /mp3/reggae, etc) and want to make use of the new sources capability of v18.
Same goes for Audio Books, as I've got audio books and radio plays in separate folders, so I would be able to use the source feature there, too.

For convenience, I use Yatse. But maintaining 2 profiles needs 2 hosts setup in yatse for each client, making it 4.
As a sidenote: as I also have 2 separate Movie DBs and mix them up on 2 RPi3 with all in all 3 different profiles:
  • Profile 1: Music + Movies A
  • Profile 2: Audio Books + Movies A
  • Profile 3: Music + Movies B

So within Yatse I'm not able to re-use any of the 4 "hosts" (because 2 boxes with 2 profiles each). That leads to sync 4 hosts within Yatse independently...

My goal:

I want to have only one audio DB and will separate Audio Books and Music by creating separate nodes (easy, as they differ in path).
So no need in switching profiles anymore :-)
Music and Audio Books are accessible from only one profile.
Advantage would also be, to be able to setup a headless kodi instance on my server for scraping and syncing (esp. Yatse) Audio & Video with only one profile.
The headless server could then be synced to Yatse (a lot faster than RPi3!) and within Yatse I'm able to re-use this host for the other 2 hosts (RPi3).

The way to go?

My way to go would be:
  • Setup an 'Artist information Folder' (AIF) for each source (Audio Books & Music)
  • Export each source to AIF
  • Copy the 2 AIFs to only one
  • Setup a new kodi instance with proper sources (/mp3/blues, /mp3/reggae..., /audio/books, /audio/radioplay)
  • Assign the new AIF
  • Import

Or should I export both (Music & Audio books) into single files and import both files on the new instance?

I want to loose as few data as possible.
Music & Audio books are tagged (90%) with Musicbrainz, the rest is tagged with proper Id3. Both, Music & Audio Books are scraped already and have fanart (Artist Screensaver) available.

So my main question is:
How to best do the export of 2 separate DBs with 2 sources and import them into only one DB with around 12 sources?

What would be your way to go? Have you already done something like this?

Thx in advance!
Haven't heard from you and your big library for a while @Uatschitchun hope all is well Smile
I'm sure that the filtering by music source facility of v18 will suit you well. Also Yatse offers source constant filtering across all music tabs e.g. you can pick a source and then see artists, albums and songs for just that source and apply smart filtering on top that too. And yes no need for separate music and audio book profiles, which are just so tedious to switch between.

I my upgrade to v18 I didn't quite have to do the conversion to do that you have because I just had not added all my music into the library before because I didn't want it all mixed together. Now I have it all, and use Yatse to switch which source I'm looking at (or see all sources).

You didn't ask but I know with your size of library it would be nice to avoid re-scanning all the music files, unforunately the manual data editing to achieve the sources rearrangement could get quite knotted so it is probably best to just accept that part will take time to run. But you are absolutely right, you can use export/import to avoid needing to scrape online for additional info and art for artists and albums, and also to keep your song playback history and user rating values. The latter can now be exported/imported too.

Of course make a backup copy of your current MyMusic72.db files (or MySQL/MariaDB equivalent) first. I also am vague on how audiobooks may fare - feature added by someone else with no discussion with me so I tend to ignore it exists (I also don't have any books).

Export/import of additional info for artists and albums will work using either single file or NFO files, really up to you. Artist artwork will need to go in folders in an AIF, so perhaps artist.nfo files is easy with those too. Song playback history is to/from a file, on import it matches by artist, title and mbid so can cope with the music files being in a new location.

I think I would probably do the music first, then add the audiobooks, but no real reason for that approach.

So having created exports from the single music source instance, create a new Kodi instance add the separeate music sources and scan music files into library. You can either set the AIF first and enable "fetch on library update", so that artist nfo and art it picked up, or use "query info for all" afterwards, or just import from the single xml export files - all work equally well.

Let us know how it goes.
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