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Guidance for new XBMC linux user

I have been using XBMC on Xbox previously. So i am not totally fresh, but i have not been following the project because XBMC on Xbox has been running rock solid!

Now the Xbox is to be replaced by a Linux box, because the Xbox hardware is not my own. So i have a box at home setup with Ubuntu 8.04 x86 everything is up and running, so it works as my media center today. But now i want to add XBMC to it. XBMC is installed and running OK, may have some problem with sound but i think that is more due to sound services does not get started when i login to fluxbox instead of gnome. Get back to you later if it really is an issue.

XBMC is installed from using apt-get and HARDY PPA from:
Any benefits using SVN PPA instead of HARDY PPA?

At the moment my planned setup is to have a user account for xbmc, which i login to from GDM with fluxbox as the predefined window manager. Then have xbmc auostarted by fluxbox. That way i can choose XBMC or NotXBMC at gdm login.

I would appreicate notes on how you make use of XBMC under linux.

Why not just use a single user on auto-login and have a button on a remote (assuming you have one) fire up XBMC?
Isn't there a particularly long thread on how to autostart XBMC?
I got the impression the poster was after an easy way to start XBMC without it always being auto start?
KeithB is correct. But i guess the thread mentioned by althekiller would be helpful anyway.

KeithB what you mention is what i have in mind. But it is always good with other views. Anyway this is how i am trying to get it done now.
I have customized /etc/rc4.d/. Since upstart is used in Ubuntu now i had to add some lines to /etc/event.d/rc-default in order to be able to choose runlevel in Grub. See:
I added my own if grep "xbmc" then telinit 4. And it works. So now i can choose default runlevel and runlevel 4 at Grub prompt.

Further i use rungetty in /etc/event.d/tty4. Rungetty will run 'startfluxbox' as the user xbmc. Then i have xbmc in autostart for fluxbox.
I have not verified that rungetty works as expected, will do that when i get home today.

This way i hope to be able to select XBMC in grub if its movie time, get everything to autologin and autostart. Or just let default ubuntu start if it is not movie time.

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