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Mystery of the Disappearing Textboxes
Hi, I have this include to show the title and plot using texboxes so the height can be variable. I've put them inside a grouplist so they can be centered on the page. 
If the include is called in outside of my listcontainer, it displays, but as soon as I move it to the <focuslayout> the textboxes disappear. If I replace the textboxes with an image control or a label, it works fine - so not really sure what's going on....

     <include name="GalleryViewDetails">
        <control type="grouplist">
            <control type="textbox">
                <height max="180">auto</height>
            <control type="textbox">
                <height max="290">auto</height>
                <autoscroll delay="5000" time="1500" repeat="2000">Control.IsVisible(501)</autoscroll>

Is there some sort of limitation on textbox controls or have I made a mistake and not realized?  

Full code is here if it helps: https://github.com/realcopacetic/skin.copacetic

Offending view is "Gallery"

Thanks in advance for any help
You can't use a grouplist in a itemlayout/focusedlayout
Thanks for confirmation. I was beginning to suspect as much. As my focused and item layouts are different sizes the transitions are also a bit jittery with a built in list, so I I think I'm going to need to build this view manually.
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