v18 since the last Update of Milkdrop 2 several presets are missing. + crashs while chang
since the last Update (Milkdrop 2 - 2.1.3), several presets are missing.

"martin - night cathedral"
"martin - moonlight splash"
"martin - butterflies"
"martin - liquid gold"
"martin - night in the forrest"
"martin - sunset over the river"
and so on.

it also ofthen crash now, when switching/changing presets.


(Did already had a look at Github, but it seems i cant report the "*issue" right there.

looks as its much worse! even hitting the "i" (Info key) in MusicVisualisation.xml lets Kodi Crash if the Visualisation is enabled. (Music from Kodi's musicDB, Kodi 18.4, Win10)

I guess the Crashes (also with the older Version) if a PVR Radio stream is playing, are knewn. -> 341125 (thread) (on my end, i use Mediaportal as TV Server).
Guess thows where introduced around krypton (guess something changed there how the Player handles streams, how ever cant thel if its related to it.)

What defnetly is on the "pro" side, is that the both Milkdrop Visualisation do (beside the PVR-Radio crash) actualy Work. "Vortex" and "Shadertoy" are in much, much worse shape -> almost instand Crashs Kodi.
this is one of the reasons my bet goes to the Milkdrop visualisdations.
I've been having a lot of issues with Kodi 17.x, 18.x and the Zuki HDHomeRun PVR addon when tuning live DAB radio streams from the HDHomeRun (HDHR4-Connect Duo) through Kodi. I found a workaround in that a 32KB "Read Chunk Buffer" size in the Zuki addon settings will allow (in the main) a successful tune of the station, but since I'm running Powerline AV here, I can't rule out those devices being a factor. They use enforced QoS (TP-Link TL-PA9020P - V1) which cannot be disabled, so any traffic passing through them incurrs latency, believed to be due to packet inspection for QoS prioritising.

The discussion (and attempted problem solving) can be read here: https://github.com/djp952/pvr.hdhomerundvr/issues/65

Another thing I've noticed, is Kodi is misreporting the bit depth of MP3 files during playback. Whether this is due to Kodi itself, or the FFMPEG version it uses, is unknown by me. It's currently reporting all MP3 files as being "32Bit" regardless of bit rate. Whether this mis-identification, is part of a larger issue that might be related to the Milkdrop (2) / DAB issue I also don't know, example image below (all my MP3s are CBR).


It would seem that if a buffer underrun occurs between the PVR addon (In my case Zuki HDHomeRun DVR) and Milkdrop 2, it will cause an eventual freeze of Kodi, as soon as a window change or any manipulation of the stream is attempted, i.e: attempting to stop playback once the audio portion of the stram is lost, audibly. The fact that there are a lot of error messages about "failed to add packets to renderer" in the log, seems to confirm this.

Dan / Gib.

EDIT: Looks like I misunderstood the purpose of "32 bit floating audio" - possibly.
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since the last Update of Milkdrop 2 several presets are missing. + crashs while chang0
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