Bug Scrollbar : evaluate wrong result ? Kodi Leia
Hi, i face a problem, which i would descripe as a bug.

it seems that numitems returns always ' -60' / numpage evaluates '0'
if i focus a scrollbar from first item.

I have a grouplist (id=111097)
pagecontrol = scrollbar id = 60

filled with widget containers ( each use different height , id's  and  each with  onleft action = 60

Than the scrollbar scrollbar id = 60
which should navigate trough 111097 content (actual 4 widgets containers)
<control type="scrollbar" id="60">

My issue is that if i focus the scrollbar, the first Container (id, width, height, content doeasnt matter ) i cant move (pageup/pagedown) via the scrollbar,
unless i ..
 a) hover mouse onto the scrollbar and do 'left click'
 b) go to the second widget container and focus the scrollbar from there, this force corrcet avaluate

I tried everything now
(use common ids, triple checked action, removed every comments from xml, use debug overlay, double checked defined scrollbar tags in defaults.xml

IT just happens when try to navigate from 1st  grouplist entry (content,height,id doesnt make a difference there)

I made a little video, with custom debug overlay, may that helps to understand my issue better.

I appreciate any help here.

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Scrollbar : evaluate wrong result ? Kodi Leia00