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Randomize Genre / Tags
Hi! I'm looking for an (very) easy way to just start a randomized playlist with stuff. e.g.

 - random playlist of all music tracks marked with genre "pop"
 - random playlist of all music videos marked with tag "dance"

Right now, my workaround is pretty messy.

  1) click on the genre
  2) select "queue item"
  3) Hit "space" to get to the current playlist -- nothing happens
  4) If it worked, hit shuffle there (I just tried it -- it did not work).
  5) exit to the currently playing screen somthow

I'd like to have something simpler. Like

  1) click on the genre
  2) select "play shuffled"
  3) done.

Is there an addon or some kind of other trick available to do that?

<node type="filter">
    <order direction="ascending">random</order>
    <rule field="genre" operator="contains">
I currently have 485 music genres. :-D Is there a solution which builds on top of the existing genres without manually maintaining a xml?
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