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Playlist Clearing on Play
I have found what I think is a bug in Kodi v 18.3/18.4 (at least, it's unexpected and unwanted behaviour from my point of view!). This happens on a Fire Stick (Kodi 18.4, Android) and Vero 4k (OSMC July update based on Kodi 18.3, Debian) so I believe it to be OS independent.

If I enable "play next episode automatically" in the Kodi player settings then press play on an episode in a series, the episodes begin to play as expected. This also fills the video playlist with all of the episodes from that series (again, as expected). After stopping playback, if I then individually queue other video episodes and return to the playlist, the playlist clears itself when I select an item to play. I then have to deselect "play next episode automatically" in the Kodi settings to return to the expected behaviour, where pressing play on a playlist item does not clear the playlist.

This did not happen in Kodi v17. Is this a bug, or is it intended? If it's intended, what is the rationale? Thank you.
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Playlist Clearing on Play00