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v18 IP Camera
I try a couple of addons, but none can find my ip camera.
On PC i use software called CMS, on phone ANYSEE, and both works good.
But on Kodi, i add ip, host, and user, and nothing happens, just cant find my cam.
How are you trying to add it? Have you created a strm file?
How to create strm?
I put ip adress, port and pass.
There's a link in my last reply. Click it and read. Here it is again:

Internet_video_and_audio_streams (wiki)
Thanks, i am not sure how to do this.
 I try to just add /stream nothing happen.
What to do next? 
My english is not perfect so i maybe need more explanation.
I find out. 
I install ONVIF Device Manager and iSpy, and i get links. I just create stmr files and it works. But, i have another question.
On iSpy i get codes for 1080p and 620p, but 1080p almost half size of screen is pixelated, on 620 works good.
Can i somehow find links or create at least 720p to looks little more sharp when i watch from TV?
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