onunload ClearProperty() not working?
I am currently modding DialogMusicInfo from one of the Titan Skins.
Now i am facing some strange behavior and I don't know why (possible bug?)

I have
at the beginning of the file, which should clear Additional Infos. This property is used to control various other stuff. I checked that this property is working, as there is a button which actually clears the Additional Infos.

Also if i execute it onload instead of onunload it will clear everything. This will do as workaround, but since the whole skin does similar things all over the place, i was wondering, if i am doing something wrong, or if onunload with ClearProperty() actually isn't working?
onunload does work with other stuff, like Notification().
Have you tried adding the window ID that was used to set the property?
I tried with
<onunload>ClearProperty(AdditionalInfo, 12001)</onunload>
which worked for album and artist indeed, but for songs there is a different id, which i would have to pass.
Also, as i said, it does work for onload, here everything seems to be cleared. Definitely not the behavior i would expect (for onunload)
It's a race condition. The window is unloaded before the property of the window gets cleared. 

try adding:
<animation effect="fade" start="100" end="0" time="1" delay="50">WindowClose</animation>

That should give you a small buffer.
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