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Sony-PlayStation(Beetle PSX) always crash and missing PCSX ReARMed
Hi when I was running PS1 game with Beetle PSX on Kodi in my Android box, it always automatically paused and appeared “Game Menu” when I tried to continue play. https://i.imgur.com/gcNxHUV.jpg Then it come back to Game Menu again repeat like this. How should I fix this. Another question is I saw someone using PCSX ReARMed instead to play ps1 game but now I cannot find it to download only Sony-PlayStation(Beetle PSX) in choices. https://imgur.com/a/BNWQiZQ

Anyone know how to fix this please help me.
The first thing that I would test, is see if this problems happens in Retroarch itself, it might be a dodgy core. The second thing that I would do is stop using Kodi for emulation and use a proper front end. 

Kodi is like a new born baby when it comes to emulation, with very little support, so potentially these could be bugs within Kodi itself.
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Sony-PlayStation(Beetle PSX) always crash and missing PCSX ReARMed00