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I understand the built-in progress control only really works with a couple of infolabels that return percentages, so I've been trying to build my own.

It works great for movies and episodes with an empty bar for OverlayUnwatched, a full bar for OverlayWatched and a progress control for .PercentPlayed if ListItem.IsResumable.
OverlayWatched/Unwatched also works for completed/not started TV shows and seasons.

But I also want to use it for TV Show, Seasons and possible Sets to basically 'show number of items watched / total number of items' as a percentage.

I know skins can't do mathematical equations. Would a python script be required to pass this value as a percentage for the width value of my progress bar?

I'm trying to think of a clever way to use integer infolabels plus ListItem.Property(TotalEpisodes) and ListItem.Property(WatchedEpisodes), but can't think of anything beyond working out the percentage for every possible combination, which would mean adding thousands of conditional values to a variable, which doesn't sound like fun...
i ' d like o do the same some time.
still could not test it, but using embuary helper could do the math you wished .
Amazing thanks, I was actually thinking of asking @sualfred about this. Didn't realize they'd already added such functionality!
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