Question about organizing folders and renaming
First let me say I was checking out FileBot. Was trying very hard to make that work and then stumbled on this program. I instantly liked this one better and it was much easier to work. Uninstalled FileBot and said goodbye. Anyway I use Plex. I have Sonarr which handles all my TV shows and organization. I'm lacking in movies that I download/rip with organizing and renaming the folder and filenames. I did a test run on several titles and it worked well. What I don't need is any fan art or anything else except JUST the renaming of the folders and movie files themselves. How would I disable everything except the renaming function?

Also, is there a 'watch' folder where I can put movie folders ( that contain movie files ) that TMM will automatically rename for me?

Thanks! Very Glad I found this program.
tmm needs meta data to be able to rename the movies - this data is stored inside an internal database and so called NFO files.

if you just need renaming, you could do the following thing:

a) disable all NFO file name options in the movie settings
b) disable all artwork file name options in the movie settings

this should fetch the meta data into the internal database but not into NFO files. Afterwards a renaming is possible.
To be honest I've never tried that since NFO files is the essential interface between tmm and other tools Wink

tmm does not have any hot folder, but at home I've created an upload folder in my NAS (\\NAS\Upload) where I put all new movies and the tmm data source is at \\NAS -> so an update data sources is picking up new movies from \\NAS\Upload and renames it into their destination folder after scraping
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