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KODI on Xservers...
Hi All,

I wonder if anyone can give any advise on this please? 

I'm running KODI on Linux Mint 19 on AMD Ryzen, and in the machine I have 3 graphics cards. All 3 cards are basic Nvidia capable of 4k video playback.

My goal is to use one card to run 1 xserver for a normal Cinnamon desktop at my desk. Card 2 and card 3 need to run separate Xservers with an independent instance of KODI on each. So card 2 runs the bedroom TV, card 3 runs the lounge TV. The host PC has DVB-S and DVB-T cards in, running TVheadend for live TV, and all video and music files. I would like to drive all TV's from one server to reduce power usage.

The Xserver implementation is causing me problems though. I would like the PC to boot to a desktop screen on card 0, and start a separate X with KODI on card 1 and another on card 2. 

Has anyone tried doing this? If so would you be able to share Xorg conf's and start up routines from rc.local or systemd start ups?

Many MANY thanks,

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