Main language & subtitles
A suggestion :

In the main media display, the missing subtitle column (red cross) could not be grayed out in the case of a film without a subtitle but whose production is the same as the language displayed by the TMM program.

Example :
Les Tontons flingueurs (1963)

No subtitle but FR and TMM configure in FR 
so grey cross for the subtitle column?
perhaps could be an option main language set in options ?

Let's keep tmm simple. The red cross just indicated, that there are no subtitles for this movie. tmm does not distinguish between movies which could need a subtitle and movies which does not need subtitles..

It is YOUR point of view, that this movie should not need a subtitle; a German speaking user would need a subtitles for exactly this movie. 

we have already too much settings which overwhelms new users and I am strictly against new new settings just for such corner cases
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