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Req No more OSD disturbing playlist transitions please!. Any solution?
A loved feature in Kodi for most users was to program and launch video and audio playlists with an OSD free screen, for professional presentations or home-freak pourposes, without the need of complicated external addons like cinema experience. Can we officially return to that no OSD popping in playlists policy?. Has any user a simple solution to avoid that?.

Thanks in advance and respect for all Kodi Community.
Sorry double post, please ignore
Funny I just posted this in "feature requests. I see I am not the only one annoyed by it!
I know this is drastic and not the best solution... but renaming the DialogSeekBar.xml file in "skin.stuary" did the trick until i found something better.
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No more OSD disturbing playlist transitions please!. Any solution?00