Lirc stopped working after Ubuntu updates
I hope anyone can help me. I upgraded my htpc yesterday (just a normal apt dist-upgrade, but it was a while ago so there was a heck-load of packages upgraded. I'm on Ubuntu 18.04 using lirc 0.9.0.) and today suddenly Kodi doesn't react on my remote any more. Where do I start searching for the problem? I vaguely remember configuring this up many years ago, but Lirc isn't something I've touched since then.

I've looked through which packages were upgraded, can't seem to find anything that seem relevant. Could systemd have something to do with it? Also Linux kernel was updated.


edit: After some googling: According to systemctl the lirc service is running just fine. But I've tried running irw and it doesn't output anything at all when I push buttons on the remote.
Are you sure that lirc didn't get upgraded?  If it did then see

Otherwise I don't know why it would just suddenly stop working.  I'd try rebooting again, but if that doesn't work I'm not sure why it would suddenly stop.  I would not use apt dist-upgrade for just this reason, sometimes it upgrades things that break other things.  Might want to just do a plain apt upgrade (no dist-) in the future.
Quote:[email protected]:~$ dpkg -l|grep lirc
ii  liblirc-client0:amd64                 0.10.0-2                                            amd64        infra-red remote control support - client library
ii  liblircclient0                        0.10.0-2                                            amd64        Transitional placeholder for obsoleted liblircclient0
hi  lirc                                  0.9.0-0ubuntu6                                      amd64        infra-red remote control support
I have to admit I'm not quite sure what the first two are and why they're at 0.10, but none of them were upgraded. Full list of what was upgraded here
Ok... Turns out the next day IR actually seems to work. Now however I get no signal on hdmi. Obviously my old htpc (a Zotac Nano, like five years old or something) is beginning to draw it's last breaths. Guess I'll have to start investigating what hardware is good for this nowadays...

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