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Fundamentally, what I'm trying to achieve is the following: I would like to have multiple users access to a central media library, with each user having their own watched/etc. status for each entry in the library. Ideally if something is added to the library, it would show up automatically for each user.

I understand there is a myriad number of ways for sharing the files: http, smb, nfs, etc., etc.

What has me stumped is how to share the metadata without requiring each user to scrape the library on their own ?  Is this even possible ?

I have the inkling that this is a task for UPnP, but is there some description how metadata can be shared through it, if at all ?

I have also seen there is some MySQL backend support in Kodi, but I understood that by using this, the watched lists are also shared, and such it wouldn't work for my case.  Is this correct ?

There is no option to have multiple watched status and ratings for library items. You would need each user to have their own Profiles (wiki), which is basically scraping the library for each user.

uPnP is not the best way to share media as it does not support library features. Use SMB or similar.
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Thanks for you answer, it helps.  I understand your suggestion would work as follows:

1, Each user has their own profile
2, When a user wants to see new additions to the library they are required to manually select "Scan for new content" to see the additions.

Is this correct ?  Is there some way to automate point 2 ?

You have implied it in your answer, but to be explicit: uPnP has no capability of transporting metadata ?
(2019-11-10, 10:01)feshVuj Wrote: Is there some way to automate point 2 ?
In each Kodi installation, settings>media>library>uodate library on start-up.

Investigate : Add-on:Trakt (wiki)
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