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(2021-01-26, 17:26)Varstahl Wrote:
(2021-01-26, 16:58)kingkiller Wrote: I'm doing some tests with jsonRPC and the 'Files.GetDirectory' method and I noticed that when collecting items from any show, they come out of order.

For example, inside Kodi, the Mad Man show has 8 seasons and the first one appears at the top as Season 1, and the last one at the end as Season 8, ok, when I make the call via jsonRPC, the return does not follow this order, the the first element should be Season 1, but in fact, everything gets mixed up, the same thing happens with episodes, they are mixed within the season.

Does anyone know why this happened?

Not entirely sure I understood your question, but there's a high chance that the entries you're getting are as we get them from Amazon, while to display them in Kodi we use sorting.
I think you understand, but I'll send you two example images.

Here is the ordering in kodi, everything normal, following an order:

Here is the return of jsonrpc, on the one hand, it is scrambled and on the other I ordered as an example.

This disorder occurs for episodes as well.
Is this behavior something that can be changed, like I can explicitly determine what is the first season or the first episode?
I researched to try to understand how lists work, but I couldn't find anything that would clarify me.


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