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First of all, sorry for my English, I'm French and I'm using Google Translate ... ^^

My problem is the following, for a few days, I noticed that the miniatures of the series that I scrape no longer appear. I have the information (summary, title of the episode, ...) but the thumbnail of the episode is no longer displayed.

I use TVDB for my series, but if I change for TheMovieDV, everything works. I think the problem is good TVDB.

Can you confirm it to me ? There may be an ongoing incident, I have not found anything about it.

Before posting my problem, I installed KODI on another pc and I tried to scrap the same episodes that I have problem and the concern is the same.

Here are two examples of problematic episodes:

- One piece.s21e19
- The Mandalorian.S01E02

For information, I use KODI 18.5 under Windows 10 (1909) and the latest version of the addon TVDB 3.0.16

Thank you in advance for your answers.
Sorry I did not see the following message:

18 Nov 2019- TVDB are still in the process of fixing a number of bugs that have broken the TVDB scraper and any add-on that relies on TVDB data. TVDB are still working to rectify the problems.
Does anyone have an idea, when this will be fixed?

(2019-11-28, 10:29)-Zeppelin- Wrote: Does anyone have an idea, when this will be fixed?

The forum banner is gone, so as far as we can tell the TVDB is up and running again. Scraping with Kodi should be okay with the latest version of the TVDB scraper.
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