Req Now Playing Webpage optimised for display on second, information screen device.
Apologies if this exists or has been requested elsewhere. 

There have been a number of Add Ons to allow 'second display' functionality on Kodi - such as LCDProc, OpenVFD for character displays or very small OLED displays to show channel number in PVR, time elapsed/remaining in playback, track/movie title etc., and there are also a few more involved addons for SPI-connected colour TFT second displays such as Kodisplay which adds richer graphical channel logos, movie and album cover art etc.(which require some quite involved driver and software installation in addition to Kodi - like SDL, PyGam, fbtft kernel support etc.)   There is also KodisplayInfo which has more limited functionality to drive SPI-type displays in a similar way - but as it uses web access to Kodi, it can run on either the machine running Kodi, or a separate machine optimised for display purposes (like a Pi Zero W with a 2.2" 320x240 TFT connected via WiFi)

Then there is the Windows application - Frontview+ - which can run on either the same machine, or a small Windows tablet etc. to display fan art, which is a descendant/off-shoot of Yatse.

It struck me that Kodi has a built in web-server, so would it be possible to create a customisable 'Now Playing' web page that is designed for display on a second machine (could be a Pi with a small 320x240 TFT, or something a little bit larger connected via DPI / DSI such as the Pi Foundation 7" displays, a Pimoroni HyperPixel etc.)  If the second device just had to open a web page served by Kodi, that refreshed with Now Playing information in a way the user could configure or optimise for their screen size etc. or for the information layout that matters to them (as Kodisplay allows to a degree already) you might be able to make a more universal 'second screen' solution ?

I'm happy to have a go at learning how to do this - if someone can point me in the right direction.  A web page seems like a better solution than writing a web client that does a lot of JSON interrogation or similar - and it feels (to an inexperienced coder) that the nuts and bolts of what is needed are already present in the Kodi web server?

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