No Audio Video Jumping Back every 3 seconds
Hi guys!

I use Kodi 18.4 on a Windows 10 x64 Computer. This Error has been happening since about 8 weeks now. Sometimes 5.1 and 7.1 audio streams dont work and when that happens the video playback jumps back about every 3-5 seconds (not that thats much worse because if there is no sound I cant watch anyway but just wanted to add it for full description). Also under "System" --- "Audio" under "Audio Output Device" it says "Wasapi Default" when its not working. When it does work it says "Wasapi Default" 3 times. I will try to include a pic.

Log file when not working (I copied only the first 5 % otherwise its too long and the errors keep repeating anyway):

enutagojik.kodi (paste)

Log file when working:

puyamicede.kodi (paste)

Maybe someone can tell me what the problem is exactly? I have no clue as I am a noob when it comes to code and logs Big Grin
PS: I use Aeon Nox Silvo Skin Wink
Did I post this in the wrong section or did I leave out crucial information? I posted this twice already (here and in general support) and no one replied :o What is going on?
PS: I could not post the whole log because it said "log too large". I tried many different paste sites Sad
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