movie set : wrong fanart in kodi
First sorry for my bad english :-(

Tiny works great for movies! Thank you!

Now I'm trying to use the "movie sets" function. I activate the fonction and sets were created, this is good! 

Tyni add the fanart's "sets"  in each file of film . But in kodi I have the movies grouped in movie sets but it show the wrong fanart. It show the fanart of the first film of the movie set and not the fanart's set...

Have you got an issue ti my problem?

Thank you!
I am not familiar with Kodi itself, but it looks like you can do it yourself in Kodi just by following the guide from
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The artwork functions for Movie Sets in Kodi are not yet complete in v18. v19 should have all functions complete.

Please read here... Movie_sets_artwork (wiki)
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Many thank's!
It's work!

In kodi , I must change manuealy all fanart for movie sets...

thank you again!
I use ArtworkBeef just for that reason. I have disabled all options to download files for any type of media and configured both, TinyMediaManager and ArtworkBeef, to use a central folder for movieset images. Now whenever I add movies that are part of a set and update my library, ArtworkBeef will automatically change the images after the library update.
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