interrupt Kodi. play broadcast message, then continue

I'd like to run Kodi in a waiting room.  This will be on Raspi, but I think my question is independent of OS.

I'd like to interrupt Kodi by another process on the device, let it play one of some predefined messages (a video) and then let Kodi continue from where it was stopped.

For example Kodi plays a video or an MP3, some other process detects that another message is important now, interrupts Kodi and then plays the message.  Then Kodi would get a signal to continue where it was interrupted.

To play the inbetween video I think of using omplayer or let Kodi play the video.  If omplayer would be used, Kodi would maybe free the screen or so?

Is something like this possible?  If not, would an extension make this possible?

Thanks for any hints,
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interrupt Kodi. play broadcast message, then continue00