Is there a way to avoid having to extend my terrestrial aerial cable to my server?
My situation is that I have a couple of rooms where there are terrestrial TV aerial cables and TVs. I have gigabit ethernet throughout the building (reaching all rooms).

So can I use a Raspberry Pi Kodi front end or some other device to connect to the TV aerial , over ethernet, to a backend server (probably TVheadend or MythTV) that is not in the same room as the terrestrial TV aerial cable? So I am essentially achieving the following.
  1. Have a backend server, away from the TV viewing room(s).
  2. Not having to extend aerial cabling to reach the backend server.
My current understanding is that it is the TV tuner has to connect to a backend so the Raspberry Pi or whatever device would have to be running some sort of backend in order to connect and would have to perform the function of front end as well.

However, from what I could find, although the Raspberry Pi is a suitable front end in most cases and could probably serve as a backend for TVheadend it would struggle with MythTV. A Pi 3 might manage MythTV.

So my question is can a Raspberry Pi or some other suitable device, act more as a conduit or thin client, so that although the physical aerial connection is made there, the actual processing is managed by the backend server?

Thanks for any help you can give.
(2019-11-25, 01:54)the_other_guy Wrote: HDHomeRun

Thanks, the RaspberryPi option looks the most appealing. I'll explore that.
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Is there a way to avoid having to extend my terrestrial aerial cable to my server?00