Sending a message to all clients ...
I run Kodi on an HTPC and interact with commonly with both an Android app (Kore) and a web interface (Chorus).

I'm using a script that write messages on the Kodi screen fine using:


but I'd like to see a message on my phone app, and/or web interface too. I'm not actually looking at Kodi's screen much as I use it mainly as an audio player anyhow.  I found NotifyAll, and I've tried:


but I can't get that to work. I can't find any useful examples. The documentation:

is not particularly helpful alas. And I found an example to two, but they don't help me much either:

So I'm wondering if what I want is even possible. I just want a message to appear in Kore and Chorus when my script runs. Easy enough, I'd have hoped ;-).
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