[Feature Request] Animated Fanart
(2019-11-26, 21:26)PatK Wrote:
(2019-11-26, 19:01)Camcs1 Wrote: Transparency! to automatically display like MQ8 does
I'm unfamiliar with that skin, in which way does it differ and which way would you like T! to handle anims that are any different from what it does now? I guess having skins that all have the same features would be a bit moot. What does T! have that makes you ask for this feature in this skin, vs just using MQ8

I personally find video's as fanart and posters would likely slow down the interface to the point it might become sluggish, reminds me of the youtube option of playing a few frames on hover. Given that programs like Add-on:Cinema Experience (wiki) can set-up to add and insert shorts at various points in a presentation, I don;'t search for more add-ons. I suppose without a lot of skinning effort, it might be possible to auto-engage trailers for each poster, but the load times would be a killer and hardware dependant.  

I'm not a user of Aeon MQ8 either I just tried it when testing animated artworks and noticed that it was able to pick them up automatically. By that I mean it, displayed the animated versions when the correct file was provided as opposed to transparency! where each artwork has to be individually set via the chose art menu.

For me really the advantage that Transparency! has is really just familiarity as I've been using it for some time and am really happy as to how the UI functions in general. My initial draw to Transparency! was that it supported basically every artwork available at the time, if you look at the addon description its described as a Fanart Skin.
However I have to agree with you on the performance point as I have also noticed slowdowns when using lots of animated fan-art on one screen, I can see views such as wall really struggling with all those GIF's.

It's more of a would be nice than an essential feature if you get what I mean

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