Win Any NUCs for HDR10 x265?
I like the flexibility and control of running Kodi on Windows.

With Black Friday fast approaching I’m thinking of upgrading my 5 year old Celeron box so I can watch 4K, 10bit x265 content, I’ve tried but it just stutters, pixelates and buffers. Ideally I’d like to get a NUC to minimise power consumption as it will be running for extended periods of time.

I have an LG OLED C7, which supports HDMI ARC, 4K HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. I also have that connected to a Samsung HW-Q90R sound system (Atmos).

There is a lot to consider auto frame-rate switching, Atmos pass through, dynamic range matching etc. I’ve read through the hardware forums and there is heaps of information but it’s hard to decipher what is working now and what is coming. I’ve seen some people suggest that waiting for the next Gen of NUCs will bring a ready-to-go solution straight out of the box. I’m wondering if there are any Intel NUCs our now that can cut the mustard yet for my setup and what I’m after? I was looking at this NUC which has discrete GFX but I’m not closed off to other Gen7s or Gen8s if the GFX is not needed. Trouble is I really don’t know what the specs are I’m looking for to enable 4K, HDR10 and Atmos sound:

8th Gen i3 CPU
Radeon 540 Graphics 2GB
4GB Ram
Windows 10 Pro
Dual HDMI 2.0a ports for 4K HDR
Intel Dual Band 802.11ac
Bluetooth 4.2
Intel Gigabit LAN
SD Card slot
Follow the Intel X86_64 development build support and hardware recommendations in this 345566 (thread)

(2019-11-28, 02:59)wrxtasy Wrote: Follow the Intel X86_64 development build support and hardware recommendations in this 345566 (thread)

Thank for the reply, there are 350+ posts in that thread, but from reading the first and last pages of the thread it looks like it is possible to get HDR working with either Kodi or VLC. I guess what I’m asking is what hardware do I need? I understand some of the older NUCs had compatibility issues with some of the hardware (wasn’t passing Atmos through, HDR10 wasn’t working, frame rate sync issues).

I’m wondering if any NUCs now support that type of content like the specs I listed above, or is there newer HDMI standards required, is the above GPU enough or do I need an actual nVidia card?

I’ll tackle the software setup once I have the correct hardware and as I alluded to hoping to get an energy efficient Intel NUC if any Gen 8s are suitable, or do I need to wait until Gen 9?
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