Solved Video is playing in a split screen. 2x the left side.
Since this morning Kodi on my Nvidia shield has a strange playback issue. The video seems split just a little to the right from the middle. And it’s 2x the left side. The problem is then also present on the menu. When I stop de video all is normal.

The videos, doesn’t matter which one, play fine with Emby on my phone and pc. Disney+ and Netflix also play fine on the shield which leads me to conclude the problem is Kodi. I wanted to go into the OSD menu while playing a video but I can’t see the buttons.

As far as I can tell I disabled all the 3D settings.

Here’s some screenshots of what’s happening:
So, I stumbled on another topic. Not related to my problem. It was a solution someone else’s problem about the controller continually ‘pressing’ a button. I removed both the controller and the gamepad and rebooted the shield.

No more playback issues.

I did notice that some game addons update over the last few days. Maybe there was a controller update or something.
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Video is playing in a split screen. 2x the left side.00