I can't figure out this remote thing...
Hey guys, need some help here...I have XBMC for Windows installed, latest version, and I have IR server suite installed as well, although 1.4.2 wouldn't install for me on Vista 64 bit, just says it stopped working, so I have 1.04 or whatever running instead....I have a Harmony 880 set up as a media pc, but I can only really navigate using the d-pad, and not much else, play, pause and what not do not work......I cut and pasted the xml info as well into the irkeymap file as well. Please let me know what I need to do here! Thanks!

I too am having the same problem, just in Windows MCE 2005.

I also have copy/pasted the details someone here supplyed for the irsmap.xml and it worked the first time fine, but after restarting I get the above proble, only d-pad/ok/volume buttons working.

ANy thoughts or ideas would be welcome.
As the Harmony is a programmable remote, it really depends on how you have it setup. Assuming it is setup with an XBox in your devices then you can follow this thread for details on getting it up and running.

The best tool available for you though is the IR Server Suite Debugger tool. This will tell you what codes your remote are spitting out, then you can update the IRSSmap.xml file with the codes.
Thanks Bedpan, I'm curious, does the keymap file map every button from the xbox controller?

Crap, sorry forgot to mention, I can install IR server suite 1.04, the latest RC built gives me an error on installation and doesn't continue...I hope that it will still work

I believe they are all there. I have not spent a lot of time with it though. All you should need to do is make sure you have your harmony programmed the way you like it, then use IR Server Suite to confirm all the key codes. Then update the IRSSmap.xml with the right codes.

As for the install of the latest RC of IR Server Suite, I have read a number of people are having problems with it in Vista. A few have also said that 1.04 works fine though.. So hope for the best..


dreamer_cast Wrote:Thanks Bedpan, I'm curious, does the keymap file map every button from the xbox controller?

found a sort-a solution to my problem (With NCE remote/reciver). Uninstall IR Suite, restart & then re0install. Works fine then, until restart, then only arrow/ok buttons work.

So not sure what the go is myself, any ideas anyone ?
well i used a slightly diff method myself...

i use winlirc, but the process is the same.

i learnt the buttons and named them with winlirc, then installed irserver

check that the button presses are recieved with the ir debug tool.

then i mapped my winlirc key presses into keyboard strokes using translator, and therefore dont need to update the xbmc meymap.xml

works great for me

hope this helps,
Thats the way I have been checking, in the debug client. And if I restart with IR suite installed, I get no other keys working than arrows and ok. restart without it loaded, and then install it, they work fine until I restart.

So obviously something with IR Suite. Do we have any alternatives in Windows MCE ? Would the remote work without IR Suite ?
Read this: http://forum.xbmc.org/showpost.php?p=201...stcount=45
It's an output from the IRSS documentation.
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thanks for the tip WiSo, will give it a try.
Just wanted to mention, that if your PC/Laptop supports Bluetooth, and you happen to habe a Wii Remote lying around, just use GlovePIE to get it working with XBMC.

Here is my current config:

// Modified version of Squeakypants' D-Pad mouse script
if (-1.2 < wiimote.Nunchuk.JoyY < -0.09) {
  Mouse.DirectInputY = Mouse.DirectInputY + 30 * wiimote.Nunchuk.JoyY;
if (0.09 < wiimote.Nunchuk.JoyY < 1.2) {
  Mouse.DirectInputY = Mouse.DirectInputY + 30 * wiimote.Nunchuk.JoyY;
if (-1.2 < wiimote.Nunchuk.JoyX < -0.09) {
  Mouse.DirectInputX = Mouse.DirectInputX + 30 * wiimote.Nunchuk.JoyX;
if (0.09 < wiimote.Nunchuk.JoyX < 1.2) {
  Mouse.DirectInputX = Mouse.DirectInputX + 30 * wiimote.Nunchuk.JoyX;

wiimote.Led1 = true;

//XBMC Buttons
Mouse.LeftButton = wiimote.Nunchuk.ZButton;
Mouse.RightButton = wiimote.Nunchuk.CButton;
Keyboard.Enter = wiimote.A;
Keyboard.Backspace = wiimote.B;
Keyboard.Left = wiimote.Left;
Keyboard.Right = wiimote.Right;
Keyboard.Up = wiimote.Up;
Keyboard.Down = wiimote.Down;
Keyboard.Esc = wiimote.Minus;
Keyboard.Tab = wiimote.Home;
Keyboard.Menu = wiimote.Plus;
Keyboard.Q = wiimote.One;
Keyboard.X = wiimote.Two;

//if (wiimote.Up) {
//   Mouse.WheelUp = true
//   wait 30 ms
//   Mouse.WheelUp = false
//if (wiimote.Down) {
//   Mouse.WheelDown = true
//   wait 30 ms
//   Mouse.WheelDown = false


sadly, it didn't help. I'm just gunna give up in the MCE remote idea, and get a xbox remote and wire it in. Then MCE will record tv fine, and xbmc will also work fine. Smile

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