Stream different playlists to different devices?
I have been looking for a while for a way to stream playlists of videos to different screens in our showroom. I'm getting sick of having to author dvds all the time!

Today, Kodi was mentioned as a possible option, but I'm not sure if it can do what I need and if it can how I can set it up.

Basically - I have a Mac mini that I intend to use as a dedicated media server, and I have approx 20 tv screens in the showroom, each of which requires different videos relevant to the products they are located by.
I want to create a bunch of playlists or libraries on the media server, and allow each screen access to its relevant playlist and nothing else.

I can connect to the tv's using hdmi interfaces and wifi or ethernet. However, I don't know which devices are Kodi compatible

Can anyone suggest the right links on the Kodi info? - I'm not sure of the correct terminology which always makes finding the info a lot harder!
Is there a list of recommended hardware ?

thanks in advance
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Stream different playlists to different devices?00