Intel 8th gen NUC without frame stutters - how?
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EDIT: I screwed up with the 1st iteration of this post. Run is the "persistent" USB install, Live is non-persistent. My apologies for any confusion this may have caused.

No need to install to a second USB thumbdrive, what works for me is:

1. Bootup LibreELEC USB thumbdrive created with the  “LibreELEC USB-SD Creator” app from the LibreELEC website.
2. After booting I am presented with a menu with 3 choices: Install, Run, or Live. 
- Install installs LE on the hardrive of the HTPC, wiping out any existing OS's and files.
- Run installs LE onto the same USB thumbdrive in a "persistent" state, and saves changes such as libraries and add-ons. Additionally, it makes the USB thumbdrive boot to the "Live" condition by default from then on. On a USB 3.0 device in a USB 3.0 port it is as fast as a native installation.
- Live runs LE from the USB thumbdrive but I don't think it is persistent, doesn't save any changes you make, libraries, add-ons, etc.
This method uses the HTPC's ram and hardware, but doesn't make any changes to the device's hard drive.

This is how I have a bootable installation of LE 9.2 Leia to fall back on if my LE Matrix Alpha 1 installation on the internal hard drive breaks during frequent updates.    
KODI 19A1 (LE), Aeon Nox 5 SiLVO, NUC8i5BEK (i5-8259U, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655, 16 GB ram, 128 GB M.2 SSD)
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So there is no cure for a stuttering Kodi under Lubuntu? Confused
Isn't LibreElec based on Ubuntu? So where are the differences?
(2020-02-04, 00:59)contadino Wrote: So there is no cure for a stuttering Kodi under Lubuntu? Confused
Isn't LibreElec based on Ubuntu? So where are the differences?

I don't think LibreElec is based specifically on Ubuntu (or Debian, which Ubuntu is kind of based on), though as it's a Linux-based distro both LibreElec and Ubuntu are Linux-based OSs.

LibreElec is optimised for, and tested, specifically for media playback duties with Kodi. As a result things like GPU drivers/video acceleration, audio drivers and output etc. are tested and optimised in LibreElec (and shipped with it), in ways that more generic distros (like Ubuntu) aren't necessarily, as they are more generic distros.
Thanks a lot for the clearification noggin!

You can imagine, that i'm not very happy with it. I cannot take LibreElec because i need at least a small OS on the PC. So i have to live with the stutters. Not satisfying! No

Are here no others with similar Gemini-based Hardware, who also have this silly problem?
Well, i've done a little testing in the meantime.
I started my hardware with a Ubuntu-Live-USB-stick and installed Kodi directly in the live-session. The result is the same stuttering as discribed from @arad85.

So obviously everybody running the combination Kodi - (L)ubuntu - Intel Gemini should face this problems. Just start a 1080p-video und follow the closing credits - you will see the stuttering every 5-10 seconds.

Is it possible, that everybody ignores this or do i make some mistake?! Huh
Thanks a lot for the help here.
An other thread here brought up the solution:

Intel screen tearing
Here you can find the way to solve the stuttering problems of the Intel-Ubuntu-combination.

Should be marked in red somewhere in the Kodi Wiki... Wink
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