Alpha Raspberry Pi as Carpc. NEW Installation
Hey guys.
I am an absolute Kodi fan and use it in different places. Including as CarPc in the car.
This should now be completely revised.
So far, I use a Pi3 with Kodi15 to use the navigation software Navit in parallel. In addition, I have some special addons, which I have partly written myself.
Now I want to use more up-to-date hardware. it will probably be a Pi4.

But that raises some problems. Among other things, I can no longer use Kodi 15 on a newer device because it is no longer compatible with Raspbian Buster. Or in other words, I get on the new devices only Leia in conjunction with Buster to run.
This brings me to the next problem. Since Kodi always runs in the foreground on the Raspberry, I can not see Navit anymore.
For Kodi15, when the GUI was switched to transparent, the desktop of Rasbian or Navit was visible. With a plugin by Andrei (I forgot the surname) also Navit was operated.
Of course, that is no longer usable and receives a black screen.

I have been trying for some time to find a solution to get Navit in Kodi Visible. The operation of Navit I could solve over its own addon. Since Navit has a DBus interface, the implementation would be relatively easy. Here I already experimented successfully.

Who can help me or give tips to solve this problem?

The option to quit Kodi when calling Navit is not an option. Radio or music has to continue anyway for me. This idea I already tested and it was not practical.

I hope I can count on the strong community.

So long and best regards from Germany...
The behaviour you had on a Pi3 was a bit of fluke due to the way the firmware GL ran with no knowledge of the X desktop.
It wasn't designed to allow a transparent background and visibility of the desktop behind.

Pi4 does this "properly" now. We have to coordinate with X (which now is GL accelerated), and there are two ways of running:
fullscreen where the X display is closed first. X has the concept of
windowed where kodi runs in a window like other X apps

kodi has only been built in the fulscreen case
In theory it can be built to support windowed mode, but it's not something I've tried, and I suspect there will be issues.

I can't see any way of fullscreen kodi running with X desktop still visible behind.
I do not think it was a coincidence. There are too many who use it that way.
But it only seems to work in conjunction with Raspbian Jessie and Kodi 15.
See this forum for example...
Or this German forum

So I think we use here a bug ....

I also tried to compile Kodi without hardware acceleration. But I've never managed it. All attempts to compile kodi was a failure.

I am sure that there is a solution to the problem. We just have to find it.
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